The cognitive foundations of misinformation on science

The cognitive foundations of misinformation on science

Mon Apr 20 2020 By Camille Larmanou

Why does misinformation about Covid-19 spread, and how can we stop it?

The UM6P School of Collective Intelligence is delighted to announce its very first peer-reviewed publication: 'The cognitive foundations of misinformation on science', by researchers Antoine Marie and Dr. Brent Strickland, published in the European Molecular Biology Organization's flagship journal; IF 11.22.

📢 With the Covid-19 pandemic, there is currently a lot of misinformation about basic science and facts circulating in social networks.

🔍 The authors lay out the root psychological and economic causes of this general phenomenon. This work is relevant to the current context because the general principles that explain misinformation about science also apply to Covid-19 rumors.

💪 They also provide some concrete recommendations about how to slow the spread of fake news. These can be of immediate use both in Morocco and elsewhere.

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