November 12th, 2022
On Saturday, November 12th, UM6P organized the graduation ceremony for the 2022 Cohort of master’s and bachelor’s programs. It was the occasion to celebrate all graduates and to recognize their outstanding efforts all over the period spent within us.

The event started with an opening remark of the President of UM6P , followed by the handing out of diplomas to the fresh graduates in the presence of their parents, professors, and peers. In total, 266 students from 12 different bachelors and masters programs, have graduated this year, including 19 international students representing 11 countries in Africa.

The 2022 cohort was the first to receive digitally secured “Phygital” diplomas, made in collaboration with the Startup T3 of UM6P.

Our Master CI students Cohort2022 graduate this day, we are proud of them and wish them all the success for their future.
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