research purpose

As a new field of science, the boundaries of collective intelligence are still being defined. At the SCI, our work includes cognitive science, computer science, data science, political science, economics and anthropology. At the heart of all of our research is a focus on what makes communities work well. We explore questions like how to build computer systems that allow many minds to make predictions about the future together; how knowledge is built over generations in non-literate communities; how to design an optimal group decision-making model; how groups can learn together more effectively than in as individuals; and how to model complex cultural change using state of the art compututional simulations. 

Innovation and Technology Transfer

Strengthening the links between research and real-world applications is at the core of the mission of the School of Collective Intelligence. The School encourages both researchers and students to develop methodologies and digital tools that harness collective intelligence to solve complex problems and promote a sustainable society.


The School is committed to having a positive social and economic impact.  Projects with impact on the field includes work with the Moroccan government designed to optimize their collective intelligence and decision-making; work with rural farmers designed to understand how they adopt new technologies; and work with HR departments in companies connected to the university to reduce gender bias in their hiring practices.