December 5 th , 2022

The importance of the province of Rhamna for its stakeholders has inspired the establishment of a tripartite partnership between the Province of Rhamna, OTED and the UM6P-School of Collective Intelligence (UM6P-SCI) with the aim of introducing new methods of collaboration and collective intelligence in the territory to support the efforts of the province in its pursuit of solving public problems.

After the creation of its Territorial Innovation Lab Rhamna Innovation Lab, the Province launched today its Public Innovation Action Training Circle.

This training circle is a community of representatives of all local, public and private actors, selected by the governor, who will work in close collaboration to meet the Province’s public service challenges, with expert support of UM6P-SCI and OTED.

The core values of the cercle are to break down silos, give peer-to-peer support, benefit from outside experts, move quickly from concept to action, test and learn.
The action learning circle will be a vehicle for the transmission of these values and practices within the province’s structures.

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